Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where in the World is Jenn Ricci?

Well hello there lovelies!!!  I officially dropped off the face of this blog, and arguably, of the planet, in the past NINE months.

In the beginning of this year, I knew I wanted to set the bar higher and set some big fitness goals - coaching and a return to the competitive fitness stage were among those goals!

With all that life had in store for me in 2014, I knew it would be a challenge but in the words of Audrey Hepburn, nothing is impossible ;)

I last blogged in March, so I want to take you through a recap of what I have been up to since then.

The beginning of this month began a new phase in a work project that had my in Indianapolis Monday - Thursday of each week.

I also flew back to Massachusetts to the Savage "mothership" Studio in Norwood to work at a one day Camp Savage.  I also took advantage of having an incredibly talented photographer, Jason Halbert, on site and completed my second photo shoot EVER!

After a month of coaching for Team Savage and a couple Camp Savage experiences, I knew I needed to get back on stage again.  My last competition was in the fall of 2012.  I took home trophies in both my classes in a beginner show and was ready for a bigger stage but the timing was wrong.  This year, I knew the timing was just right.  The end of March, I declared my return to stage would be Vegas for the FAP World Championships.   I set a goal of bringing a stronger, more muscular physique to the stage and began an official build.  My lifts got much more intense so my time was much more limited than it had been before.

Hosted several Chicago Savage sessions where I ran a Savage style workout and taught fellow Savage sisters our team's signature posing!

A visit home to support my team at FAP New England Championships happened earlier in the month.

Keith and I joined lots of his classmates at a lake in Wisconsin to celebrate Memorial Day!

The first week in June, I started flying to Dover, NH as I began a new project at work.
My fiance graduated from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management with his MBA.

Within the same week of his graduation, we had packed up two cars and began our 1,000 (+/-) mile move back to Boston!

The weekend after we returned was my best friend's bridal shower!  As a Co-MOH, I could not have been more excited about how much the bride and guests enjoyed the day! :)

July: Settling back in, wedding festivities for friends and relatives was in full swing!

Us girls surprised my best friend with a bachelorette trip to Bristol and Newport, RI!

Keith's cousin, who has become one of my close friends over the past several years, married a great guy in a beautiful Cape Cod wedding.

August: I began a new work project that took me to St. Louis every week (Mon - Thu!).  My best friend's wedding capped off this beautiful summer month!

September - now: Full on show prep - coming off of a build meant much tighter dieting and 100% consistency with workouts.  Being away from the stage for so long also meant a lot more planning for my show - I needed a new suit, new posing routine, etc.

September also brought another Camp Savage where I met so many of my beautiful Savage sisters!!!

And now I am a week and a half from the show I've been dreaming about since I stepped off the FAP Boston stage in the fall of 2012.

I am so proud of the progress I've made and SO happy with how much better this prep has been than any in the past.  I'll be sharing my prep secrets, as well as keys to success if you are show prepping while travelling in the future.   I will also be sharing lots of fun show details too!

For now, I'm headed out to the gym!  What have you all been up to this year?!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Toss Your Scale & Seriously Shed Fat

One of the most common reasons why clients come to me is to lose weight.  In some cases, I agree.  Being within a healthy weight range is critical for your health, period.

But for the vast majority of those people who want to shed a few extra pounds, I have to challenge them to think through whether weight loss is truly the best goal for them.  Generally speaking, the scale alone is a poor measure of fitness because it does not tell the whole story.  Body composition - how much of your body is made up of fat vs. muscle (and all that other vital stuff in there!) is so much more important.  A lot of my fitness friends go so far as to "crush the scale" because it often lies and makes us crazy, leaving us to feel that our hard work meant nothing.  Just to give you an example of how your weight can be a deceptive measure of your overall health, I used to weight 125 lbs and was a size 4/6, but now I weight 132 lbs and am a size 2/4.  This is due to a shift in body composition from nutrition and focused workouts.

Body Composition Changes Take Time, Hard Work, Dedication
LEFT: Size 4, 125lbs on 8/10/2010
RIGHT: Size 2, 132 lbs on 3/2/2014
Body Composition Changes Take Time, Hard Work, Dedication
LEFT: Size 4, 125lbs on 8/10/2010
RIGHT: Size 2, 132 lbs on 3/2/2014
 Today I want to talk to you about changing your body composition, specifically focused on fat fighting.


Your nutrition is critical to changing your body composition.  Nutrition accounts for about 80-90% of your physique changes, and the rest is done in the gym.  Prior to lifting and eating with the intent to grow lean muscles, I was very active and went to the gym 5-6 days/week.  That's the body you see on the left in the pictures above.  I was thin, sure, but had a higher percentage of body fat and a less sculpted physique.

Simply put, you need to eat more lean protein, a moderate amount of starchy carbs, a moderate amount of simple carbs, and some healthy fats (check out the nutrition tab above for specifics).  What is right for your body is not right for everybody so I am not going to tell you exact portion sizes.  Also, focus on eating clean and ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.  Eating clean has SO many meanings but when you break it down, it is really just eating foods that are all natural and minimally processed.  To be clear, eating clean alone is not enough to change your body composition.  Eating clean in the right portion sizes is what will change your body composition.

I know I preach this too, but the quality of your food choices are incredibly important as well.  Your body's ability to absorb the nutrients you ingest is directly correlated with the quality of the food you eat.  In other words, if you eat poor quality protein, your body will only be able to utilize part of what you eat, rather than all of what you eat.  When choosing meats, eggs, and dairy, read the label in search of organic, grass-fed, free-range, no hormones, etc.  There are far more reasons to look for those key words when choosing your lean proteins, but that's a topic for a different day.  For now, remember that high quality foods are necessary for optimizing your plan for fat-fighting physique changes.

Carriage full of clean food!
Eating clean can be delicious!
Clean Home-made Italian Wedding Soup
Recipe & Ingredients from Blue Apron
If you are serious about making changes, you should consider working with a professional like myself or any of the coaches at Cathy Savage Fitness since each body is so unique with the portions of each food it needs to make real body composition and physique changes.  Another reason I highly recommend working with a coach is to have the opinion of someone other than yourself since body image can be so emotional for the majority of people.  I am a coach, and I still check in with my coach.  She makes suggestions and level-sets if I am off base or potentially doing too much.  She also keeps me motivated and helps me stay accountable to my plan.


The best way to fight fat with your workouts is through high intensity interval training (often referred to as "HIIT").  HIIT workouts are any workouts where you push yourself as hard as possible for a short interval (usually full out for about 30 seconds, but this can vary depending on your workout), then rest for a short interval (repeat this cycle over the course of your workout.  A great example of HIIT is sprinting on and off for a given amount of time (e.g. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 20 min).  For the record, you can perform interval training at different levels of intensities and while your calorie/fat burn may be lower over the same period of time, the effects on fat loss are similar.  

HIIT is the best fat fighter for several reasons.  When you workout, your body knows that it is expending energy and is biologically programmed to try it's best to conserve.  During steady state cardio activities, such as jogging/running long distances, your body learns your pace but does not know how long you will be working out and in anticipation of a long bout of exercise, adapts by decreasing its caloric expenditure.  This equals less fat fighting.

One of my favorite ways to get in a HIIT workout is sprint/tabata combinations (sprint intervals for a period of time on the treadmill, followed by a set of tabata, and repeat).  What is amazing about working out this way is that your body cannot possibly get used to what you are doing, you will never get bored, and you work your upper half while doing cardio.  Sprinting does wonders for your legs, why not get the same benefits for your upper half?!

Since I am feeling so generous today, I am going to share a sprint/tabata HIIT workout I created.  Print it out and go get your sweat on!

Lifting also burns tons of fat and alters your body composition as it adds muscle.  Muscle is active and needs calories so the more muscle you have, the higher your caloric needs throughout the day.  If you're reading through the lines, that means that you can eat more if you have more muscle on you.

Photo from 2012
Photography Credit to Kimberly Kinnecom
Have I convinced you to start lifting yet?


Monday, February 17, 2014

Bikram Yoga & Some Exciting News

Hello from Illinois!  It the start of a new week and I hope you all have a lot of sweat sessions and healthy eats planned!

Exciting News!

I have some really fun, exciting news to share.  As of last summer, I've been helping others become more healthy and reach their personal fitness goals through my lifestyle coaching company, Fresh Take Fitness.  I absolutely love what I do - and to make myself better for my clients, I signed up for and passed the American Fitness Institute Certified Personal Trainer exam. I am currently in the middle of studies for my National Association of Fitness Certifications Nutrition Coach Certification and am aiming to take the exam in the first week of March!  I will keep you all posted on my progress!

Since starting my company, my experience has helped solidify how much I love helping others reach their fitness goals.  I reached out to my coach, Cathy Savage, to ask for the opportunity to coach Savage girls on their fitness journey - whether it be holistic health/lifestyle or getting themselves ready for fitness shows.  I am honored and happy to share that I am now officially a coach for Cathy Savage Fitness!

If you are ready to get in the best shape of your life - whether you want to take the stage, simply look like a fitness model, lose weight, or just want to take charge of your own health, check out our online programs.

Mama Savage goofing around with Savage sisters after FAP Boston.
Bikram Yoga

I am a fitness athlete so my workout plans always include a ton of heavy lifting, cardio, and functional workouts.  My routine is focused on building muscle and strength, staying lean, and keeping my heart healthy.

My workouts and weekly plan
My workout is NOT focused on flexibility, but I was certainly wishing it was when I woke up completely sore and stiff on Saturday morning .  I used to stretch and foam roll all the time, but since moving to Evanston, have not been as great about it as I should and this is one of the many consequences.  Before I started travelling for work, I was in a routine of attending 1 - 2 yoga classes a week which did wonders for my stiff, sore muscles.  I knew yoga had to fit into my day to help loosen things up but there were no yoga sessions scheduled at my gym on Saturday.  I decided it was time to explore the yoga studios in Evanston. Perusing Groupon, I came across a 10-visit pass to a local Bikram studio, Bikram Yoga Evanston.

From the studio's site: "Bikram yoga is a challenging series of 26 asanas, or postures, that are designed to systematically stretch, strengthen and restore health to every part of the body. Scientifically developed by Bikram Choudhury, founder of the worldwide Yoga College of India, this 90 minute program is practiced in a heated room, which serves to warm the body allowing for deeper and safer stretching. The heat also helps prevent injuries and rids your body of toxins while relieving stress and tension throughout your system." (Source).  

I walked into a 3pm class and was SO impressed.  I had never tried Bikram but my friend Angie has been singing its praise for quite some time now.  I'd also read a ton about the many benefits (mind, body, & soul) of Bikram on professional fitness competitor, Michelle MacDonald's blog, Your Healthy Hedonista.  They were all right.  I left feeling relaxed, stretched, and more clear headed.  My whole body felt less sore, like all of the toxins and lactic acid build up in my muscles had been flushed out.  At the same time, I was tired from 90 minutes of intense poses in the 105 degree/40% humidity room.  It was certainly a workout (unlike some yoga practices that are more meditative and focused on gentle, slow poses), and it was certainly just what my body needed.

The class I took was very challenging but I went in with a different mindset than usual.  I am a Type A perfectionist so I have a hard time doing anything that I am not good at doing.  But I knew Bikram would be hard for me and uncomfortable at times so I made up my mind to embrace the poses, and do the best my body could do.  It was a beautiful mindset because I never gave up and felt amazing afterwards.

I highly recommend you give Bikram a try - although you may want to start with a more basic, non-heated type of yoga if you are a yoga newbie.  You will also want to check your competitive spirit at the door.  Yoga is not competitive and if you go in with a competitive mentality, there's a strong chance you will not get the full benefits of your practice because your focus will not be on meditation and improving your own capabilities, but on what the people around you are doing.  Trust me (and I am VERY competitive), that is not what you should be doing in a yoga class.

Have you given yoga a try and if not, have I convinced you to go for it?  If not, what's holding you back?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Reflections on Self Love & Appreciation

***Disclaimer: this post gets deep so stop here if that's not your thing ;) ***

This post is dedicated to all of my Savage girls in honor of February's theme of self-love.
The last thing I expected when I walked through the doors of Cathy Savage Fitness for the first time four years ago was to gain a love and appreciation for my body.

Just a few years out of college, I missed the fun of competing in team sports. I ran cross country in high school, played rugby in college, and ran many road races (5ks, half marathons, etc.) so I was used to training hard for a race or game.

Jingle Bell Run 2009
Though I had always been a runner, I was finding running far less fulfilling  than ever before. On top of being bored with running,  my body didn't feel great running long distances any more. I had chronic pain in my knee from a college rugby injury that worsened each time I ran.  I was ready for a new challenge and a new goal, and that's what I expected from my new sport of choice, competitive fitness shows.

A close friend felt the same way and had heard that Cathy Savage was THE premier elite competitive fitness/figure/bikini coach. After my first "Sunday session" with Cathy and some of the other coaches,  I was hooked. The signature workout was another level of challenging like nothing I'd ever experienced before and I left with a new goal of nailing those workouts and getting on stage.

Last practice before my first show, NPC Boston 2010
Fast forward to my second competition. Scores were finally posted, and to my dismay horror, my placement was in the mid 20's, far from my 7th place finish of competition  #1. I felt so deflated. Twelve weeks of training hard, sacrificing time with friends and family, eating only what was on my plan, and I had nothing to show for it. (Talk about poor sport!) The next feelings that hit me were the "why's."  Why didn't I do better? Why not me? And then came the self-degradation.  I was just too skinny, not as pretty as the other girls, not as good at walking and posing as other girls, not as talented as the winners (the list goes on and gets worse)...

Backstage at my second show, FAP New England 2011 
Here is where my self-love journey began. You see, I was so focused on winning that I never stopped to think about how I really felt about myself and my body. I took a lot of time to reflect on why I wanted to compete in the first place and while most of my reasons were sound, there were a few ugly ones that snuck in. Some ugly thoughts I'd let myself believe: "I'm not as smart as all of my friends so I'll be the fittest!" "My stomach and thighs aren't toned enough!" "My life will be so much better when I'm in the best shape of my life!" (and by best shape of my life, I meant as lean as I was on stage, which is certainly not when I feel my best). I wince a bit writing those thoughts down and reading back through them (especially because I had some that were a lot worse than those!). But acknowledging those feelings is the only way I realized that I had serious work to do in my own head before (and if) I were to compete again.

A huge saving grace and support system for me was my team of girls who understood what it felt like to prepare for a show, and what it felt like afterwards.  
Dress Rehearsal before FAP New England 2011

Backstage with Savage girls at FAP New England 2011
I'm tearing up a little thinking about where I went emotionally after that show and knowing how much better off I was with the unconditional love, support, and guidance of my team, my coaches, and above all, Mama Savage. One of Cathy's most frequent reminders to us girls is that we are worth so much more than a $40 trophy. Another sticking point is that our health is first and foremost.  Our health is physical, mental, and emotional and is hands down the most important part of what we do and why we do it.

Beautification process complete, ready to take the FAP Boston 2012 stage with bestie and fellow Savage coach Naomi.

My Role Model, Figure Pro, and Coach - Michele Welcome
Working out post show, I began regaining my strength and thought a lot. The girls who won that show were beautiful and strong,  but so was I. My body isn't perfect but it is strong and able. Able to train like an animal and master difficult strength and functional moves. Able to be an athlete and endure all of the stress I put on it. And then something clicked and I stopped the negative self talk in favor of positive, appreciative mantras.  This took a lot of work but that year, learning to love myself was posted up on my vision board right next to eating more vegetables.

Today,  I love my body and embrace my imperfections because I'm grateful I have a body that is healthy and strong. And I've realized that show shape or not,  life is too precious to not be grateful each day we wake up and are healthy enough to get out of bed.

At my third show, I took home two trophies.  The biggest difference between my second and third shows was my mindset and how I felt about myself. I was much less focused on changing myself this time and much more focused on presenting the best me I had to offer. You see the difference? It sounds subtle but is HUGE. The former comes from a place of self disrespect, the latter from a place of self love.  I'm happy to be in this place and look forward to growing even more as a prepare to compete again.

My third show, FAP Boston 2012
Take a step back from whatever it is you do with your days to reflect on how you talk to yourself.  Do you beat yourself up all the time or do you think positive, self-affirming thoughts?  I'd encourage you to meditate and work towards coming from a place of acceptance and love for yourself if you aren't there yet, and deepen your appreciation if you are.  I promise you that THIS, not any trophy or prize, will change your life.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Travelling

Travelling can make eating healthy and sticking to your diet or meal plan feel impossible.  I know first hand the perils and pitfalls of trying to stay healthy on the road since I've been travelling every week (Sunday - Thursday) for work since last September (notice the timing of my last post relative to when I began travelling for work? sorry about that - it was a difficult adjustment!).    But I have some good news - it's not impossible and since I've figured out how to make it work, I am going to share some tips and tricks.

1) Stay at a hotel with a kitchen or kitchenette.  Both Marriott and Hilton have several options: Residence Inn, Homewood Suites, Home2, and the Hampton Inn (make sure you pick the suite with refridgerator & microwave).  With a refrigerator, microwave, sink and in some places, stove top/oven, and dishwasher, your healthy cooking options are endless!  

When you get to your destination, find the nearest Whole Foods and pack your fridge with lean, healthy eats so you stay on track!

2) Bring your own supplies.  You'll want to add a few items to your packing list.  I go grocery shopping after checking-in to my hotel room but pack my spices to save money.  I also pack protein shakes since I use a brand (Isagenix) that you cannot find in stores.  If you stay at a hotel with a kitchen, you may want to bring aluminum foil and plastic bags too.  If you stay at a hotel with a kitchenette, you'll want to pack some utensils (forks, knives, and spoons) since those are not usually standard.  I also pack an individual size travel blender to make my protein shakes in the morning, as well as a mini crock pot to easily cook organic lean meats and vegetables.

3) Utilize the hotel gym or become a member of a national gym chain.  While many hotel gyms do not have every piece of equipment you are used to, they typically have at least a piece of cardio equipment and a rack of free weights.  Modify your workouts to fit the equipment you have (work with your personal trainer or coach if you need help with modifications) and make it happen!  If you prefer a full gym, think about switching to a gym with locations around the country.  For example, Any Time Fitness has many locations in most every state.  L.A. Fitness has many locations and an inexpensive membership option that allows you to use any club in the country.  Do your homework ahead of time to find out which gyms are in the area and then decide if a new membership is right for you.

4) Pack your food for travel.  It can be incredibly difficult to find filling, whole, healthy foods on the road (although many airports have healthy options).  Control your own destiny and pack food.  Protein bars (I like Isagenix Isalean bars, Jay Robb bars, and Pure Protein bars), protein/meal replacement shakes, packs of nuts, etc. travel well in your carry-on.  You can also fill your plastic containers with clean, whole foods to eat as meals along the way.  Keep it simple and carry them in a plastic bag from the grocery store.  Since it's disposable, it's one less item to keep track of on the road AND since carrying home made food can be messy, it's one less thing to be worried about cleaning.

5) BYOB. Bring your own bottle - water bottle, that is (what did you think I was talking about?!).  You need to drink one half to one whole gallon of water a day, depending on your level of fitness and fitness goals.  Purchase your own water bottle so you can refill it as you go.  This is especially important if you fly since you can carry an empty bottle through security and fill it up at a water fountain afterwards.  Otherwise, you will either spend ridiculous amounts of money on bottled water at the airport or choose not to drink your water.  I do not recommend either option!

I feel like I could go on and on but I'm going to leave you with those biggies!

Do you travel a lot and if so, how do YOU stay healthy on the road?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday: My Food Philosophy

Party in Blogland

For any of you who are new to my blog or blogs in general, Wednesdays are an opportunity to share a day of your eats with others in blogland via a "link up" through a fantastic blog, Peas and Crayons (check it out!).

Thanks to the girl behind the blog, Jenn, for hosting!
My Food Philosophy

I was not born into a particularly athletic family so I never played sports growing up.  When I reached high school, the track and cross country coach spotted my "runner's build" (tall and thin albeit lanky at the time) and asked me to join the team.  Since a lot of my friends played sports, I thought it would be fun and took him up on the offer.   I ran the 100 meter hurdles during the Spring track season and let's just say my results were not impressive.  It was fun, though, and on some advice that I should try long distance running instead of short distances, I walked onto the cross country team in the fall.

My first scrimmage was a rude awakening.  A hot summer day, my legs felt like lead and by mile 2 of the race, I had a painful cramp.  I kept going but by the end, it was so severe that I think I crawled across the finish line.  I was mortified but determined to figure out what to do to improve.  

First, I was severely dehydrated so I learned to drink plenty of water, especially on hot days.  Second, I discovered that cramps can be caused by poor nutrition (lack of electrolytes like potassium in particular) and there began my love for all things nutrition.  I read about running nutrition and started eating more healthy foods (and more food in general) like fruits and whole grains.  From my new nutrition regimen, I improved so much that I not only made varsity but ended up captain of my team senior year.

I continue to learn more on eating to fuel my body but the purpose is different these days.  My focus is on building long, lean muscle and when your body composition is a focus, your "macros" are important.  You'll see that I eat a LOT of lean protein throughout the day, along with nutrient dense fruits, veggies, and food supplements.  The overall theme is the same, though.  Food is fuel for your body and what you put in makes a difference for how well your body functions!

My Eats for the Day

7:30am: <Unpictured> "Protein Pudding" made with 1 serving chocolate meal replacement protein powder (I use Isagenix Isalean) and 2 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder

11:30am: 4oz chicken, Veggie Stir-fry - zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, and scallion (non-stick skillet was coated in cooking spray) + Packet of AM vitamins

12:30am: Justin's Maple Almond Butter (straight from the pack)!  These little packets are exactly one portion and super convenient; perfect for on-the-go.  But let's be serious, I don't buy them for the convenience as much as I do for the portion control.  My nut butter obsession is only tamed by pre-packaged [more expensive] portions.

2:30pm: Delicious smoothie bowl.  I cannot get enough of these lately as they are incredibly refreshing on hot summer days.  To make this: into a single serve blender (in this order) went ice, water, 1 serving vanilla whey meal replacement (I use Isagenix Isalean), 1 scoop whey protein (I use IsaPro), one serving Isafruit (kind of like powdered greens but powdered fruit - a mecca of healthy vitamins and minerals!).

Hydration throughout the day: a gallon of water (that's a total of 4 whole water bottles full of water), La Croix peach-pear (holy cow I LOVE this flavor!), and Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Ginger Spice All Natural Drink.

La Croix is a great drink to rotate in with the regular water - all natural, zero calories, and refreshing flavors.

4pm: 1 slice Ezekiel bread with 4 oz chicken and Dijon mustard.

Full disclosure: there were tons of unpictured eats throughout the day that included a nibble on 85% dark organic chocolate, lots of veggies like cucumbers, baby peppers and freeze dried peas & edamame (a fun new Target find!).

At about 5:30pm, I headed to the gym and completed a ten minute eliptical warm-up, half hour tabata cardio workout (rightfully dubbed "Tabata Sweatin" - I was a sweaty mess afterwards), and my leg lift. During my time at the gym, I sipped on an all natural energy drink (Want More Energy and Ionix Supreme).

7:30pm: Post workout, I had this massive salad.  Mixed greens topped with cucumber, green beans, mushrooms, carrots, rice, and tuna (added after picture).  Instead of dressing, I squeezed on some horseradish mustard and sprinkled nutritional yeast. Also, I had a packet of PM vitamins.

I also had two sweet, juicy kiwis.  Muscles need the simple sugar sugars found in fruits in addition to complex carbs and protein to repair after heavy lifting.  

For the man, I made a turkey and havarti horseradish cheese sandwich with mustard and pickles.  I served the sandwich with Rice Chips (they're on the plate in back of the sandwich but that massive bread is in the way!) and some sugar snap peas.  I picked up that seeded roll at a local bakery because it looked amazing and was baked fresh today.  I think I won the best fiancĂ©e award. 

Desert was a couple macaroons from Bennison's Baker (also where the roll was purchased).  I'm lying to you though - we only split one and by split I mean I had a tiny bite and Keith had the rest.  We tried the green one, Pistachio, and it was really good!  Keith is not into sweets and even he LOVED it!  The red one is red velvet and we will be sharing it for desert after our next dinner.

When we were done eating, Keith and I went on a bar crawl with his fellow MBA students.  I left the crawl at 10:30 and came home to some egg whites, 1/4 cup Arctic Zero, and another packet of Justin's.

All in all, I'd say it was a delicious and healthy day of eats.  I am preparing for a show on November 3rd so in the next few weeks, my nutrition will start to tighten up a bit.  For the time being, I am eating a lot and working out hard.  It is incredibly important that I maintain the lean muscle I have and stay lean before dialing it in to my show body (leaning out means losing fat AND some muscle).

Have an amazing day!