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What I Ate Wednesday: My Food Philosophy

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For any of you who are new to my blog or blogs in general, Wednesdays are an opportunity to share a day of your eats with others in blogland via a "link up" through a fantastic blog, Peas and Crayons (check it out!).

Thanks to the girl behind the blog, Jenn, for hosting!
My Food Philosophy

I was not born into a particularly athletic family so I never played sports growing up.  When I reached high school, the track and cross country coach spotted my "runner's build" (tall and thin albeit lanky at the time) and asked me to join the team.  Since a lot of my friends played sports, I thought it would be fun and took him up on the offer.   I ran the 100 meter hurdles during the Spring track season and let's just say my results were not impressive.  It was fun, though, and on some advice that I should try long distance running instead of short distances, I walked onto the cross country team in the fall.

My first scrimmage was a rude awakening.  A hot summer day, my legs felt like lead and by mile 2 of the race, I had a painful cramp.  I kept going but by the end, it was so severe that I think I crawled across the finish line.  I was mortified but determined to figure out what to do to improve.  

First, I was severely dehydrated so I learned to drink plenty of water, especially on hot days.  Second, I discovered that cramps can be caused by poor nutrition (lack of electrolytes like potassium in particular) and there began my love for all things nutrition.  I read about running nutrition and started eating more healthy foods (and more food in general) like fruits and whole grains.  From my new nutrition regimen, I improved so much that I not only made varsity but ended up captain of my team senior year.

I continue to learn more on eating to fuel my body but the purpose is different these days.  My focus is on building long, lean muscle and when your body composition is a focus, your "macros" are important.  You'll see that I eat a LOT of lean protein throughout the day, along with nutrient dense fruits, veggies, and food supplements.  The overall theme is the same, though.  Food is fuel for your body and what you put in makes a difference for how well your body functions!

My Eats for the Day

7:30am: <Unpictured> "Protein Pudding" made with 1 serving chocolate meal replacement protein powder (I use Isagenix Isalean) and 2 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder

11:30am: 4oz chicken, Veggie Stir-fry - zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, and scallion (non-stick skillet was coated in cooking spray) + Packet of AM vitamins

12:30am: Justin's Maple Almond Butter (straight from the pack)!  These little packets are exactly one portion and super convenient; perfect for on-the-go.  But let's be serious, I don't buy them for the convenience as much as I do for the portion control.  My nut butter obsession is only tamed by pre-packaged [more expensive] portions.

2:30pm: Delicious smoothie bowl.  I cannot get enough of these lately as they are incredibly refreshing on hot summer days.  To make this: into a single serve blender (in this order) went ice, water, 1 serving vanilla whey meal replacement (I use Isagenix Isalean), 1 scoop whey protein (I use IsaPro), one serving Isafruit (kind of like powdered greens but powdered fruit - a mecca of healthy vitamins and minerals!).

Hydration throughout the day: a gallon of water (that's a total of 4 whole water bottles full of water), La Croix peach-pear (holy cow I LOVE this flavor!), and Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Ginger Spice All Natural Drink.

La Croix is a great drink to rotate in with the regular water - all natural, zero calories, and refreshing flavors.

4pm: 1 slice Ezekiel bread with 4 oz chicken and Dijon mustard.

Full disclosure: there were tons of unpictured eats throughout the day that included a nibble on 85% dark organic chocolate, lots of veggies like cucumbers, baby peppers and freeze dried peas & edamame (a fun new Target find!).

At about 5:30pm, I headed to the gym and completed a ten minute eliptical warm-up, half hour tabata cardio workout (rightfully dubbed "Tabata Sweatin" - I was a sweaty mess afterwards), and my leg lift. During my time at the gym, I sipped on an all natural energy drink (Want More Energy and Ionix Supreme).

7:30pm: Post workout, I had this massive salad.  Mixed greens topped with cucumber, green beans, mushrooms, carrots, rice, and tuna (added after picture).  Instead of dressing, I squeezed on some horseradish mustard and sprinkled nutritional yeast. Also, I had a packet of PM vitamins.

I also had two sweet, juicy kiwis.  Muscles need the simple sugar sugars found in fruits in addition to complex carbs and protein to repair after heavy lifting.  

For the man, I made a turkey and havarti horseradish cheese sandwich with mustard and pickles.  I served the sandwich with Rice Chips (they're on the plate in back of the sandwich but that massive bread is in the way!) and some sugar snap peas.  I picked up that seeded roll at a local bakery because it looked amazing and was baked fresh today.  I think I won the best fiancĂ©e award. 

Desert was a couple macaroons from Bennison's Baker (also where the roll was purchased).  I'm lying to you though - we only split one and by split I mean I had a tiny bite and Keith had the rest.  We tried the green one, Pistachio, and it was really good!  Keith is not into sweets and even he LOVED it!  The red one is red velvet and we will be sharing it for desert after our next dinner.

When we were done eating, Keith and I went on a bar crawl with his fellow MBA students.  I left the crawl at 10:30 and came home to some egg whites, 1/4 cup Arctic Zero, and another packet of Justin's.

All in all, I'd say it was a delicious and healthy day of eats.  I am preparing for a show on November 3rd so in the next few weeks, my nutrition will start to tighten up a bit.  For the time being, I am eating a lot and working out hard.  It is incredibly important that I maintain the lean muscle I have and stay lean before dialing it in to my show body (leaning out means losing fat AND some muscle).

Have an amazing day!


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  1. Your food looks yummy! "Food is fuel for your body and what you put in makes a difference for how well your body functions!" >> AMEN! Couldn't agree more :D